Christmas Tree Ornaments

The children will make a Christmas ornament with various crafts materials

Reindeer Games

The children will participate in some Christmas themed group games.

Pajamas & a Christmas Movie

The children will wear their fanciest pajama set and have cookies and cocoa while watching a Christmas classic.

Wooden Snowflake Craft

The children will make a 3D snowflake using wooden clothes pins and other craft materials.

Scratch Art

The children will design a picture using the various scratch art materials available.

Design a Maze

The children will design a maze using various size Legos.

STEM Challenge

How tall can you make your tower before it falls?

Mason Jar Craft

The children will get to design a mason jar using the various household items provided.

String Art

The children will be able to create a picture using various colored yarn and brads on cardboard.

Four Seasons Tree Craft

The children will create a collage showing the way the trees change during the four seasons.

Game Day

The children will team up and participate in a variety of Minute to Win it Games.

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